International Christ’s Fellowship (ICF) was established in 2003 as Woodlands Christ's Church (WCC). The founding members were Pastor Steve's family and five Korean singles in the Woodlands area. Over the years the church has grown from a predominately Korean composition to a multi-ethnic church with people from many different nationalities, ethnicities and cultures. Our church motto is "lovingly accepting all" to emphasize the loving embrace and acceptance of all by Christ and his followers. ICF is very much a family atmosphere where everyone is made welcome as part of an extended family of God. ICF emphasizes the ownership of the church by Christ, who is the head of the church. While we are the members of the body, the final authority rests with Christ. We are cognizant that we are merely temporary stewards of His dominion (kingdom of God) and are careful not to overstep our bounds. The Lordship of Christ is a constant reminder in our name and we hope and pray that the church maintains its loving spirit, warmth and humility as a result. By the grace of God, we hope to continue to grow in numbers as more and more people in our community accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and become members of this local body of believers. Where will God take us in the years to come? We hope that God directs you to become a vital and integral part of our loving fellowship in Christ.