Welcome to ICF! We welcome you to ICF (International Christ’s Fellowship).  The purpose of the church is to make disciples.  A disciple is a follower of Christ who loves Jesus and is willing to die to themselves and make Jesus their Lord and King.  Only when Jesus is King will the old life begin transforming into the new life. ICF is a Bible based church which teaches about the character of God and about the law, sin and grace.   ICF is a Christ centered fellowship where Christ reigns supreme in all that we do.  ICF is a place where we learn how to die to ourselves everyday so that Christ may reign and bear fruit in our lives by His Spirit.   At ICF we believe, according to the promise of God that the kingdom of heaven on earth is possible in the life and community of the believers when they are in living in obedience to Christ. The international make-up of the church facilitates the examination of our sinfulness in bias, bigotry, and prejudice and stimulates us to soberly examine our sinfulness in the Light of Christ.  We are set free from the bondage of sin, one sin at a time, when we confront the sinner that we are at the core of our being.  Our desire is to test and approve God’s good and perfect will to cast out all the things that keep us in bondage by conforming to the patterns of this world; cultural pride, social status and wealth, our empty philosophies and ‘isms’ (humanism, conservatism, liberalism, capitalism, socialism, absolutism, relativism, chauvinism, politicism, racism, nationalism, etc.), religiosity, self-righteousness, bias, bigotry, prejudice, etc.  By dying to ourselves and not insisting on our way but yielding these to Christ, the Lord allows us to see the truth, grants healing and freedom from the bondage of the lie of the Evil One.  In this way, individually and collectively in the body of Christ, we become who God wants us to become.  This process is called “dying to self, and living in Christ”.  This is the life of a disciple. By daily growing to become more like Christ, and heading toward full maturity in Him, we live out the full blessings of the kingdom of God life on earth as it is in heaven, to love God and others.  We return to the original image of God (Imagio Dei); the way that God intended us to be in the beginning before sin came into the world and we were all corrupted. Do you want to live a new life?  Are you a Christian and want to learn how to stop living a life of sin?  We welcome you to ICF where we encourage you to experience a life of victory and liberation from sin so that you may live the abundant life for which Christ gave up his life to die on the cross for you.

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